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  OBDSOS PRODUCTS Car Key Programmer
Product ID SK227
Product Name CGDI Prog Benz Car Key Programmer
Price USD630
Actual Weight(Kg) 0.6
Volumetric Weight(Kg) 1.5
Package Size (cm) 31*20*9
CGDI Prog Benz Car Key Programmer Manual.pdf
Benz ESL Renew Manual.pdf
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Name: CGDI Prog Benz Car Key Programmer


1. Supports fastest Benz Car key add: Collection data in 110 seconds, password calculation in 40 seconds, 99% get password successfully for one time calculation. It is the fastest key programming tool to calculate the password at present.

2. Supports MB all key lost(supported models: 211, 209, 204, 207, 212, 166, 246,197, 172, 164+, 216…).

3. Benz CGDI Prog Key Programmer can calculate the password twice free each day.


EIS/EZS Function:
1). Can read EIS data via OBD, no need to distinguish the EIS/EZS model.
2). Can display the key status and directly disable the key position.
3). Can display EIS Number, can distinguish the Benz model
4). Can display EIS status.
5). Automatically identify EIS model.
6). Automatically identify CAN protocol
Programming Key Features:
1). Automatically identify the basic key information (including how many times you used SSID)
2). Can directly read pin code of BE keys via infrared, can erase BE keys.
3). NEC adapter can write the original Benz smart key and common key.
4). Can write the Benz original key via infrared.
5). Can restore the data of key and EIS with the key password.
Generate Key Data:
1). Can generate the key data of HC05/908/912/9S12/NEC EIS/EZS
2). Time: 26 seconds
3). Format: 11/ 41/51 (41 format is smart key data)
Infrared Key Function:
1). Can directly read key pin code via infrared on parts of 209/211/220/215 EIS.
2). Can read/write EIS via infrared.

Token Policy for CGDI Prog MB:

Plan A: Two free tokens each day valid for 180 days. When license gets expired, please buy Token Service 180 Days for CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer.
After you pay for it, can calculate online 2 times free each day again. 
Plan B: One free token each day all the time. It will not get expired anymore. And if you want more tokens, one token will cost USD4. You can calcualte maximum 4 times each day. Besides if you have CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices and CGDI Prog BMW MSV80,
please send us serial number to bundle them together, one device serial number can have one more token free each day.
How to activate CGDI Prog MB?
CGDI MB Prog needs activation when you receive it. Please follow the steps as below:
1. Download software from official website www.cgprogcar.com, there will be user manual in the software catalogue.
2. Install software on your laptop and read out serial number of your CGDI.
3. Please send serial number to us for activation. When activation is done, please restart CGDI Prog Benz and the software, it will be ready to use.

Supported Models:

Mercedes-Benz A series (2004 -)
Mercedes-Benz B series (2005-)
Mercedes-Benz C Series (2001 - , including 210)
Mercedes-Benz E Series (2001-, including 203)
Mercedes-Benz CL series (2001-)
Mercedes-Benz GLK (2004-)
Mercedes-Benz ML series (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz R series  (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz G series (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz S Series (2001 -, including 220)
Mercedes-Benz SLK  (2003- )
Mercedes-Benz SLS (2004 -)
Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003-)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (2003 -)
Mercedes-Benz Vito (2003 -)

Packing List:

CGDI Benz Prog
NEC Key Adapter
IR Adapter
OBD2 Cable
USB Cable
Carrying Case

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