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Product Name Super DProg5 VAG Prog2 IMMO Odometer Airbag
Price USD290
Actual Weight(Kg)
Volumetric Weight(Kg) 2.5
Package Size (cm) 26*11*22
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Name: Super DProg5 VAG Prog2 IMMO Odometer Airbag 3 in 1 Reset Tool for BMW Benz VAG


Super DProg5 fully supports the car instrument calibration, security immo key match, airbag repair, and other functions. Support ISO9141, CAN BUS, and J1850 protocols. Perfect self-diagnosis function, can automatically identify and diagnose system faults.


1. Support all BMW CAS (including CAS3-9S12XDP512) programming.

2. Support all M35080 instrument no dismantled adjustment (including M35080 V6 instrument);

3. Support BMW transmission computer OBD setting; E38/ E39/ E46/ E53 instrument, EWS/ LCM and EWS4 adjustment.

4. Support Mercedes-Benz ignition module adjustment (912/ 9S12 series ignition module doesn’t have to disassemble CPU), W211/ W203/ W164 and before year 2000 OBD adjustment. Support Mercedes-Benz Gateway (CGW) adjustment.

5. Support Volkswagen / Audi / Chrysler / GM / Ford / Chevrolet / Jaguar / Lincoln / Opel / Skoda / Seat and Honda odometer changing. Such as: A4 OBD2 kilometers adjustment). And support kilometers adjustment for A6L / Q7 / A8L / R8 / S8 / TT and Volkswagen / Magotan / Phaeton / Sagitar / Golf 6 / Kaidi / Touran / Touareg / Passat / Bora / Polo / Jetta / Beatles from 2009.

6. Support MCU calibration,

7. Support Audi / VW Gateway module calibration,

8. Support EDC15 / EDC16 engine calibration.

9. Supports Volkswagen / Audi / Mercedes-Benz / BMW / Sail / Opel / Ford / General Airbag reset.

10. Support EDC15 / EDC16 / MED9 series engine computer read and write (car modification).

11. Supports Volkswagen / Audi / Mercedes-Benz / BMW / Sail / Opel / Ford / GM Airbag reset.

12. Support EDC15 / EDC16 / MED9 series engine OBD2 read and write (car modification).

Hardware Parameters:

1. This device is based on the latest CORTEX technology handheld devices, internal embedded dual CORTEX ARM processor, clocked at up to 200MHz;

2. SD card for data storage or upload;

3. USB2.0 for software and firmware upgrades;

4. 320*240 TFT true color display and 256K color resolution to display help files and pictures;

5. Support CAN-BUS, J1850, CCD-BUS, ISO9141, SPI, UDS and other protocols; just an OBD connector which can complete all the automatic switching of the protocols by multiple relay intelligent control.

The 5th VW Audi IMMO Software:

1. New BCM2 adapter to pre-read and write chip data.
2. OBD2 key match (no password, no need online)
3. For the VW, Audi 5th security system models.

The 4th VW IMMO Software:

1. Write the VW key with the new Megamos48 chip
2. OBD2 key match ((no password required), no need online)
3. For Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat 4th security system models (the instrument use NEC+24C64 or NEC+24C32 or Macrons (CDC) or 9s12xhz512 (1M80F) microcontroller)
The 4th VW IMMO Software:

NEC + 24C08 software
NEC + 24C64 software
NEC + 24C32 software
NEC + 95320 software
Micronas (CDC) software
9s12xhz512 (1M80F) software
PASSAT 2012 (NEC+24C64) software

The 4th Audi IMMO Software:

A6L/ Q7 software
A3 / TT/ R8 software
A1 software

Ford / Mazda Software:

OBD2 key match (no password required), for CAN models.
Roewe (550/350) Software: OBD2 key match (no password required).
Pentium (B50 / B70) Software: OBD2 key match (no password required).

Supported Cars:






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