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  OBDSOS PRODUCTS Car Professional Diagnostic Tool Mercedes-Benz / Smart
Product ID SV60
Product Name FVDI Mercedes Benz Smart Maybach
Product Price USD800
Actual Weight (Kg)
Volumetric Weight (Kg) 2
Package Size (cm) 27*24*8
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Name: FVDI Mercedes-Benz/Smart/Maybach


FVDI ABRITES Commander for Mercedes-Benz/Smart/Maybach is a professional software for diagnostic of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

FVDI Benz allows you to perform complete diagnostics of all 1995 to present Mercedes-Benz models.

FVDI Mercedes Benz provides some unique functions, which are not supported by any other diagnostic tool, such key programming, mileage correction.

FVDI MB supports 7 gear transmission and ISM renew data base, renew data base.


Buy FVDI Mercedes-Benz/Smart/Maybach, you can get following:

1. Hyundai + Kia + Tag Key Tool software free.

2. One of following software free:
Opel & Vauxhall
Peugeot & Citroen
Fiat & Alfa & Lancia
Toyota & Lexus
Nissan & Infiniti
Chrysler & Dodge & Jeep

Supported Languages: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bulgarian.

Software Version: V7.0

Steps for getting authorization:

Step 1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI. Do not connect Softdog to the computer, otherwise the Softdog green light or red light will on, and result in authorization fail.

Step 2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer, but do not connect FVDI to the car. Wait until FVDI green light is on and Softdog red light is on, you succeed getting authorization. If FVDI red light is on or Softdog green light is on, repeat the above steps.

After getting authorization for FVDI, follow the next steps to connect:

Step 1. Connect the Softdog to FVDI (Note: do not connect Softdog to the computer).

Step 2. Use USB cable to connect FVDI and the computer. Wait until FVDI green light on and Softdog red light on, connect Softdog USB cable to the computer. During the procedure, the Softdog red light keeps on (Note: do not connect FVDI to the car)

Step 3. Till the above 2 steps work well, connect FVDI to the car.


1. Read identification
2. Read extended identification
3. Read/Clear fault codes
4. Scanning for control units / Clearing fault codes in all control units
5. Display of Actual Values
6. Actuator Tests
7. Reset of control units
8. Control unit adaptations
9. Adjustment of injector injection quantities adaptation for Diesel Engines (CDI-4, CDI-5)

Special Functions:

1. By OBD-II - Comprehensive Mileage Recalibration for W221 and W216 vehicles. The mileage is changed in the following units: CGW, EZS, Instrument Cluster and all other units, which store the mileage (like Tire Pressure Monitor and Adaptive Brake, for example) , Read/Write service history records in ZGW of W221 S-Class and W216 CL, Read/Write complete EEPROM and Flash of CGW (Central gateway) of W221 S-Class and W216 CL, Mileage Recalibration in dashboard for Vito, Viano, Sprinter after 2006 year
E-Class W211, CLS W219, GL X164, ML W164, R-Class W251, CLK W209, C-Class W203 and G-Class W463 A-Class W169, B-Class W245

2. By OBD-II - Mileage Recalibration for W204/W212/X204/W197/W207 vehicles. The mileage is changed in the following units: ASSYST, ASSYST Plus, EZS, Instrument Cluster

3. By OBD-II - Read/Write EEPROM of Dashboard control units, ESP, Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) and many others...Online manual for Sensotronic Brake Control Repair

4. By OBD-II - Airbag - Read/Write EEPROM, Clear Crash Data, Erase Motohours

5. Dump Tool - Calculate mileage values, reset mileage values, clear airbag crash data, make engine control virgin and so on

6. By OBD-II - ECU - Read/Write Flash, Read/Write EEPROM of Engine Control Units

7. DAS-2 - Generation of key dumps for vehicles with DAS-2 Immobilizer system.

8. DAS-2a - Programming transponder keys for DAS 2a Immobilizer system (W168 A-Class).

9. By OBD-II - DAS-2b - Key Learning for Mercedes W163; Read/Write EEPROM of AAM/EAM control modules; Learn radio code of transmitter keys; Deactivate/Reactivate keys

10. Transponder generation

11. By OBD-II - TV/AUX activation/deactivation

12. By OBD-II - Seatbelt warning activation/deactivation

13. By OBD-II - Reverse warning activation/deactivation

14. By OBD-II - Activation/deactivation of Speed warning for Gulf States

15. Electrical Steering Lock (ESL) - Read/Write/Unlock EEPROM of ESL for the following vehicles: W202, W208, W209, W210, W203, W211, W219 by direct connection to the ESL module.

16. Electrical Ignition Switch (EIS, K-Line) - Read EEPROM of EIS and ESL modules by diagnostic connection to the EIS module; Open/Close ESL

17. Electrical Steering Lock (ESL, CAN) - Disable/Enable keys; Write VIN of new units; Activate/Deactivate ESL; Activate/Deactivate EZS

18. By OBD-II - Change ASSYST PLUS Service maintenance records

19. By OBD-II - Change ASSYST Service maintenance records

20. By OBD-II - Read/Write COMPLETELY EEPROM of Central Gateway (CGW) via OBDII. Works for the following vehicles : W211, W171, W219, W164, X164, W169, W245, W204, W212, X204, W218

21. By OBD-II - SMART key teach-in (K-Line and CAN)

22. By OBD-II - Renew of 7-Gear Electronic Transmission Control Unit (722.9) and ISM - Intelligent Selector Module

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