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Product ID SP335
Product Name Benz ECOM Diagnostic and Programming Tool
Product Price USD1170
Actual Weight (Kg) 1.1
Volumetric Weight (Kg) 1.5
Package Size (cm) 26*18*16
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Name: Benz ECOM Diagnostic and Programming Tool
ECOM is the diagnostic and swipe communication interface used by Daimler-Benz production and R & D department. It supports the after sales diagnostic software XENTRY, Vediamo, and the Monaco DTS, the exclusive development software, with higher access rights than SDconnect C4.
ECom supports the CAN/DoIP network, which CAN be used for the diagnosis and brushing of new car audio and video entertainment systems. Vediamo for Mercedes engineers is an engineering software used by Mercedes engineers to develop diagnostic software, that is, XENTRY and DAS now in use is developed based on Vediamo and delivered to general after-sales dealers. For this reason, using the Mercedes super engineering version is open to all diagnosis /coding/retrofit/flashing programming features. It is possible to add or reduce SA codes freely without going through VEDOC(the process of the original factory applying for modifying the equipment code), so as to achieve the purpose of modifying the vehicle equipment, such as adding SA500 electric rearview mirror.
XENTRY and DAS Developer mode, commonly known as: exploit data engineering version after 2010, has added many restrictions on functions. Therefore, people may encounter that the vehicle version is too new to enter the control unit, or they cannot make any special modifications after entering the control unit. For example, the w204/212 2012 meter may need to be configured in the regional language, or turn on other convenience functions.
The database of diagnosis /coding/retrofit/flashing for the Mercedes engineer version USES the XENTRY database, so the Mercedes engineer version is dependent on the XENTRY version. As long as the database is new, the Mercedes engineer version can use the V4.00 version on the new model, and compact3 & SDconnect does not support the ODX document. The latest V5.00 supports ODX files with eCom. It is recommended to use eCom with DoIP function, which is faster and more stable.
1. Supports DOIP, work on latest Mercedes to year 2019
2. Supports Vediamo and DTS Engineering
3. 256GB SSD Software comes in package with free activation
4. Supports DAS & XENTRY
5. Warranty: Two Years
Packing List:
Benz ECOM multiplexer
OBD2 cable
USB cable
Software SSD
USB dongle
Packing Box
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