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Product Name Super DP5 Android Diagnostic Tool
Product Price USD280
Actual Weight (Kg)
Volumetric Weight (Kg) 2
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Name: Super DP5 Android Diagnostic Tool
Super DP5 (DigiProg5) is a new Android-based vehicle fault code diagnostic tool. It is characterized by covering wide range of vehicles, featuring powerful function, and providing precise result.
Super DP5 Immobilizer + Odometer Adjustment + EEPROM/PIC + OBD-II + BMW FEM/BDC Full Version.
Full Version Functions:
Immobilizer + Mileage Correction + Diagnosis + Special Function (Oil Rest + ABS + Battery Matching + ECU Programming + EPB + Throttle Programming + Airbag Reset + TPMS + Steering Angle Rest + OBD-II + DPF + Injector Code + Supension Matching + Gear Learning + CVT Learning
Software Features:
Immobilizer / Remote Programming
European cars
VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat (Standard)  √   √   √
VW/Audi/Skoda/Seat (Advanced)   √   √   √  add NEC 24C64 2014-key programming. 
BMW (Standard)        
BMW (Advanced)   √   √   √   Add FEM/BDC key programming, ISN code reading etc.
Volvo   √   √   √
The other European cars   √   √   √  
Asian Cars
Hyundai /Kia (Standard)        
Hyundai /Kia (Advanced)   √   √   √   Add 47/8A/46 smart key pin code reading
Toyota /Lexus (Standard)        
Toyota /Lexus (Advanced)   √   √   √  For Middle east cars, it adds H chip all keys lost (IMMO box reset)
The Asian cars   √   √   √ 
North American Cars
Ford (Advanced)   √   √   √    Add Ford after 2015 key programming functions, I.E: Mobdeo,Edge,Taurus,Escort,EVEREST,Explorer,F-150 SVT Raptor, Mustang, Lincoln MKZ, MKC and Continental 2015 - etc.
GM(Advanced)   √   √   √
The other American & Chinese cars   √   √   √    Can perform BMC pin code reading on these cars: -2017 Lacrosse, Lacrosse, Trax, Envision, GL8, Malibu, AVEO, Excelle before 2015, Cruze etc.
Cluster Calibration  All cars cluster calibration   √   √  
4-system diagnosis      
Airbag Reset
OBD-II Diagnosis  
Full functions diagnosis   √  
Full-system all-cars diagnosis
Special function  
Oil service reset     √  
Reset the Oil Service Light on
Manual remote setting some cars only supports manual remote setting.
ABS bleeding  √   After replace the ABS pump and related components.
Battery matching √   After the battery is changed, you need to match the battery.
ECU programming    √ 
The car with EPB replace brake pads    √  Electronic Parking Brake release
Throttle programming   √   Used to clear the learning value after cleaning the throttle, otherwise it will cause high idle speed.
Airbag reset   √   Used to clear airbag ECU collision data after a vehicle collision, otherwise the ECU cannot be reused
TPMS reset   √   Used for reset after tire pressure alarm
Steering angle reset    √  Replacement of data lost after steering angle change or power off
OBD-II Engine      √   Used to diagnose the car with OBD protocol.
DPF Regeneration  √  Diesel Particulate Filter Operational
Injector coding     √  Used to match and code the injector after replacement
Suspension match   √  Used to match and set the suspension after adjusting.
Gear learning          √   Used to learn the crankshaft position sensor after power off (only the domestic vehicle equipped with the Delphi system has this function)
CVT learning         √  Used to reset the learning value after maintenance of CVT transmission
Steering angle repair   √ Used for the repair of lost data of vehicle steering angle sensor
Packing List:
Super DP5 Android Diagnostic Tool
LG Tablet
Main cable
OBD2 16-pin connector
Honda 3-pin connector
Hyundai/Kia 10-pin connector
Kia 20-pin connector
USB cable
LG Tablet DC charger
Plastic toolbox
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